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A one-click link allows you to connect people to all of your content.

By providing a link to all of the content on your website, you help visitors find what they are looking for while maximizing their engagement with your brand.


Why Dorlink?

Dorlink will help you to reach your online audiences no matter their device. Promote your links/URLs on all social platforms to ensure the widest possible reach of your important content.

Deliver your Dorlink to the right customers, on the right devices, at the right time.

Shorten URLs, create a custom QR code, create bio link pages and publish your message across all social media. All in one place, with analytics that show how many people interacted with your content.

Our Features

Instagram Biolink

You can show list all of your important URLs, Affiliate URLs and More than one Product URLs in your Instagram bio.
One Link for All.

Shortened URLs

Don't settle for just an ugly link. A shortened URL with dorlink is eye-catching and easier to remember. Make and track your own shortened URLs

In-depth analytics

Get valuable information like referrers, countries, operating systems, languages and more to see how your links are performing.

Our Blog

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Why clients choose us?

➡ We provide our services at a low price as per industry standards.
➡ Our system will be available for free also. 
➡ We offer a better service.

  • Create Unlimited Projects, Biolink Pages, Shorted Links.
  • No Ads and Custom branding.
  • Integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.
  • SEO Features and lot more...


Create Shorten URLs and create bio page links. All with comprehensive statistical information about your visitors.

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